Moving sadly

Moving, sadly. Posterous is shutting down after being bought by

Moving sadly forward. I have been staring at new parts sitting inside my warm house. Lost time, this bike still has plenty.

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First oil change since the 1970s


I am not absolutely sure on the date. I am just making a guess based on what I found in the oil screen. When I dug out my spring impact driver, I found the fat phillips bit twisted from the last time I had to remove a Honda crankcase cover. You will never find me riding with period-correct case screws.

I found a leak


Several, actually. I am knee deep in fuel leaks from this old petcock, carb bowls and old fuel lines. I would love to know who thought rivets were the best approach to assembling these fuel valves. I am performing surgery on the rivets while waiting on some new gaskets.

Get down the road


What kind of relationship does one have with a motorcycle before the carburetors come off? This rubber diaphragm had a hole in it, and the beast has quite a limp when running only on the right cylinder. The faulty carb was also cockeyed because of a missing screw in the mounting plate. Luckily, I had a perfect fit lying just around that I am sure came out of an Acura brake rotor a few years ago.

Suddenly, a 1976 CJ360T


For the last six months, I had been casually looking for this bike. I found it outside of York, Pennsylvania using craigslist. After witnessing it start on the first kick, I parted with nine hundred dollars to bring it home. 

TLC is the name of the game this year, and I have already secured some parts and supplies to start the work.